Wife Appreciation Day! She Wants The Dough.

Move over Valentine’s Day! There’s a special day just to show your wife how much you appreciate her! Did you know that Wife Appreciation Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of September every year? Up until now you might, just might, have gotten away with saying you didn’t know. But now you do. And I bet your wife knows you know, now!

So, what are you going to do about it? Well, all the women here at Dough Dreamery are just positive you’ll want to celebrate your own wife this year! I mean, she’s an amazing woman, isn’t she? She does tons of great stuff for you, doesn’t she? Don’t you want to let her know just how important she is to you?

Why not get her the favorite treat of women all over Colorado?  Some delicious, edible, raw cookie dough from Dough Dreamery in Parker! She deserves something yummy, doesn’t she? She deserves a little break and her favorite treat, at least, doesn’t she? Of course she does! Come on down to the shop and grab some of her favorite flavor of cookie dough and show her how much she means to you!

It’s not clear how Wife Appreciation Day started in this country, but it may have begun as a way to honor married women without children, since they don’t get to claim Mother’s Day for their own holiday. However, no matter if they have children or not, wives deserve a special day, just for being who they are – those faithful, helpful, loving women who tirelessly and quietly do so much for their husbands each and every day. 

Even though Wife Appreciation Day is officially on September 15th this year, you can celebrate YOUR wife any day, and give her a treat she’ll really love! Bring her home some cookie dough, or for a special treat, surprise her with a little romantic trip to our shop, and treat yourself to some of our delicious goodness, too!