Why Heat Treated Flour is Safer Than Raw Flour

When you are making cookies at home, you may be tempted to nibble on the raw cookie dough. But if you’re mixing your cookie dough at home, from scratch, you may want to reconsider eating it raw. It can make you sick!

At Dough Dreamery, we know how tempting it is to eat that mouth-watering raw cookie dough! But the typical ingredients you store in your kitchen pantry may not be safe to eat without baking them. That’s why it’s important to get edible cookie dough from us if you want to eat it raw.

We make cookie dough that is safe to eat without having to bake it into cookies. Although, you can certainly bake with our cookie dough if you like, you do not have to. One of the ingredients we use that you probably don’t have at home that makes our dough safe is heat-treated flour.

Regular flour that has not been heat-treated can contain nasty bacteria like E.Coli. You’ve probably heard about it on the news or on the internet when batches of flour get recalled because they’ve been making people sick. That’s flour that has been contaminated and that’s why it is not safe to eat flour raw (even mixed into cookie dough) that has not been specially treated to kill those bad bacteria!

Heat treating is a way to kill the nasty germs but keeps the flour usable for mixing into cookie dough. The raw flour is heated to high enough temperatures, through and through, to make sure all the bad bacteria is eradicated. At Dough Dreamery, we use flour that has been commercially heat-treated. That ensures that the heating  process was done correctly and completely, so you can feel safe eating it, mixed into the raw cookie dough, without baking it further.

Heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs make all the difference when you are talking about eating raw cookie dough! That’s why we call our dough “edible cookie dough” – so you don’t have to worry! Go ahead and indulge! Stop by our shop in Parker today and have that sweet treat you have been craving!