Who Eats Raw Cookie Dough?

Obviously, we at Dough Dreamery actually want to know the answer to a different question: “Who DOESN’T eat raw cookie dough?” because we want to meet those folks and give them a taste of what wholesome goodness they’ve been missing!

But for everyone else, we thought we’d answer this burning question: “Who eats raw cookie dough?”

It seems that everyone is into raw cookie dough these days! Of course, anyone who has ever baked cookies with their mom or for their kids, or for the local bakesale knows that you can’t really help yourself. You must eat at least some of that cookie dough before it’s baked. It’s too tempting not to. And that is probably what started the trend! People decided that they were too busy or too tempted by the dough before it was baked, why not just make a thing of it?

So, the answer to the question of who eats it can be answered simply. Practically everyone!

It’s a favorite go-to for anyone getting over a bad break-up or anyone who’s just had a bad day. It’s popular at parties and at sleepovers for kids. College students love to keep some on hand for late night study sessions and it’s all the rage with Millennials! It’s a favorite treat for old and young, men and women alike. It’s so much easier to dig right into that raw cookie dough than it is to patiently wait for the cookies to bake.

We’ve heard the the famous singer, Taylor Swift, always keeps a tub of edible raw cookie dough on hand. That hunky Terry Crewes likes it too! And Lori Greiner (“the Queen of QVC”) from the popular show Shark Tank likes it so much that she even invested in a company that makes edible cookie dough.

It’s no wonder that nearly everyone eats raw cookie dough! It’s an easy, delicious treat for anyone! And if you get your edible cookie dough from Dough Dreamery, it is the most no muss, no fuss, no mixing, no baking delicious dessert treat that you’ll find anywhere!