What Makes Our Raw Cookie Dough Safe to Eat?

You’ve probably always heard that eating raw dough is a great big no no, right? Of course you have! Your mother probably told you that (mine sure did, even though she still let me lick the bowl!) and if you missed out on the news from your parents, you’ve probably been warned through the internet. That pesky health department, always out to take our fun from us!

You probably still have eaten plenty of raw cookie dough in your baking lifetime, am I right? I mean, really, who hasn’t? There’s no shame in it! But if you are like me, you likely had that voice in your head, telling you not to do it! And truthfully, maybe I shouldn’t have. The cookies made in home kitchens may actually have at least a small chance of being dangerous if we indulge in that raw dough. I mean, raw eggs can give you salmonella poisoning (how ever small of a chance it actually is, it’s still a chance) and raw flour might be contaminated with certain kinds of bacteria like E coli. These things may be more dangerous to certain populations, but truly, none of us should really be taking that risk.

Sorry! I was starting to sound a little like the health department trying to ruin your fun! But, even as I wrote all of that, I knew a secret that would save the fun for all of us! At Dough Dreamery, our dough is absolutely edible, as is because we’ve figured out the magic way to make it safe to eat without cooking it! And it’s the only way we make it!

We always use pasteurized eggs which makes them safe to eat without cooking them. The pasteurization process kills the bacteria in raw eggs, so we can put them safely into our delicious dough and make the dough perfectly edible without baking. 

The same thing goes for the flour we use. It is safe to eat, as is, because we only use heat-treated flour in our cookie dough recipes! Just like with the pasteurized eggs, the process used to heat-treat flour kills the bacteria, which makes it perfect for our dough.

Now, of course, you can always still bake our dough into cookies, but with our use of special eggs and flour, you don’t have to! So, if you’ve been afraid of eating unbaked cookie dough, and it has kind of ruined your fun, just get your cookie dough from us and let the fun back into your life!