Top Ten Best Times to Eat Raw Cookie Dough

We think that it’s always a good time to have a snack or dessert of our raw, edible cookie dough. But, there are some times that are even better than others to treat yourself to this delightful dish of yummy goodness!

  1. Watching a movie! Sad, romantic comedy, drama, sci-fi, scary… there is no kind of movie that isn’t great for sharing some cookie dough while you are watching!
  2. The office party! What a great treat to share with your co-workers! You’ll be very popular at the next office potluck when you bring the cookie dough as your contribution!
  3. A late afternoon treat! Feeling sluggish? Pick yourself up with your favorite flavor of raw cookie dough!
  4. Your kid’s next sleepover! Bring out the cookie dough and you’ll be the best loved mom with all of your child’s friends!
  5. Date night! Stop by Dough Dreamery when you are out on your next date night and share a scoop (or two) with that special someone! 
  6. Dinner with the family! Bring home some edible cookie dough for a special dessert on a special occasion… or just for a treat on a school night!
  7. Celebrating a special event at work or school! Want to say “congratulations” or a “job well done” to yourself or someone else? Edible cookie dough is just the treat to celebrate all of life’s little (or big) accomplishments!
  8. How about when something doesn’t quite go right? Feeling a little disappointed that things didn’t go exactly as planned? Stop into Dough Dreamery and treat yourself to your favorite cookie dough treat! Things will work out better next time! We’re sure of it!
  9. Grandma’s coming for a visit! Bring her some edible cookie dough to let her know you’re happy to have her! She’ll be surprised that there is a cookie dough that is not only safe to eat raw, but is actually meant to be eaten without baking!
  10. Tuesday! Or really, any day of the week! Life is meant to be savoured! Make any day a special day with a special treat of a scoop of any of our delicious raw, edible cookie dough flavors!

At Dough Dreamery, we think of you as a part of our family! Come share all of your special AND every day events with us! See you soon!