The Most Popular Flavor Of Cookie Dough Is…

You can probably guess that in the USA at least, the most popular flavor of raw cookie dough is chocolate chip! While other kinds of cookies, like regular old sugar cookies or peanut butter have been America’s favorite in times past, the chocolate chip cookie rose to the top at some point in our history, and it has stayed firmly planted there for many, many years!

When eating raw cookie dough started to become popular, it was the chocolate chip cookie dough that everyone always went with! Even as far back as 1991, Ben and Jerry’s knew how popular that flavor of cookie dough was, because that is when they introduced one of their most iconic flavors of ice cream, simply named, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Other ice cream makers followed suit and started adding cookie dough to their ice cream offerings, and eventually, as time marched ever forward, edible raw cookie dough became a sought after treat all on its own. Because of America’s obsession with chocolate chip everything, and its love of the good old plain chocolate chip cookie (have you seen how many different brands of chocolate chip cookies there are on any given supermarket shelf?), the most popular flavor of raw cookie dough has been, and still is, to this day, chocolate chip.

Who can resist the combination of flavors in a chocolate chip cookie? Brown sugary, buttery, chocolatey chip goodness will probably always be a favorite, especially here in America.

At Dough Dreamery, in Parker, Colorado, we have the always popular mainstay flavor, in our flavor choices. It will always be the go-to choice for many people. However, we also have lots of other tasty flavors to choose from. Peanut butter and sugar cookie dough are always on the menu, as well as our famous Plain Jane Dough (chocolate chip cookie dough without the chips) that you can mix your own favorite mix-ins with. But we have even more flavors than that, so that anybody can find a treat that they will love at Dough Dreamery! We even have some vegan, gluten free, and KETO options! 

You’ve just got to stop in to see us and get a taste of the good-life with all of our mouth-watering edible cookie dough delights!