Snickerdoodle – The Delicious Cookie With a Funny Name

Do you ever think about where different cookies started, and where they get their crazy names? There’s a great book by Ann Byrn that goes into detail about different cookies and what made them popular, along with other details of interest. It’s called American Cookie. It’s also a cookbook, but the thing that makes it so fun is all of the history of cookies she includes.

Snickerdoodle is such a funny name, but we love the flavors that are packed into these sweet delights. That’s why we, at Dough Dreamery, feature Vegan Snickerdoodle as one of our mainstay edible cookie dough flavors!

Nobody knows for sure where the name Snickerdoodle comes from. Ann Byrn and Wikipedia agree, though, that it probably has its origins in the German language. They both seem to have gotten that information from The Joy Of Cooking, a very popular and ageless cook book that’s been around for years! It’s a nonsense word that probably got made up in New England in the early 1900’s – when giving cookies crazy names was a popular thing to do.

It is known that Snickerdoodles were a popular cookie with Mennonite and Amish communities and was a favorite treat of the Indiana poet James Whitcomb Riley. We also know that the flavor of Snickerdoodles is still popular today and can be found in things like cereal, snack items,  ice cream and even lattes.

Another thing we know about the Snickerdoodle is that it is kind of like a sugar cookie with the added treat of a very delicious sweet, cinnamon flavor! If you find yourself craving that yummy flavor, come on down to Dough Dreamery in Parker and get yourself some of our vegan Snickerdoodle flavor of raw, edible cookie dough. We know you’ll love our version of this delightful flavor with the very funny name! Just like all of our flavors, you can absolutely bake it into a cookie in your oven at home, but you’ll probably love it better by just eating it raw, right there in the shop! That’s what Dough Dreamery specializes in – making your favorite flavors of raw cookie dough!