Eat An Extra Dessert Day – September 4th

We don’t know who came up with the idea for Eat An Extra Dessert Day, but it’s been celebrated for some time now, and we just want to say thank you to whoever did come up with it. What a great idea! Of course, at Dough Dreamery, we simply love this idea! We don’t even think you have to wait for September 4th to come around on the calendar to celebrate, but if you’ve been looking forward to celebrating it this year, we have some great ideas for you to celebrate with!

You should definitely celebrate Eat An Extra Dessert Day with a little guiltless indulgence! C’mon now, you know you’ve been good! If you can’t splurge every now and again, what’s the point of being good? Come to Dough Dreamery in Parker and pick up your favorite flavor of cookie dough and either keep it all to yourself (why not?) or take it home to celebrate with your family or friends. Everyone deserves a little something special on Eat An Extra Dessert Day!

Why not stop in to Dough Dreamery and get some cookie dough to take to work with you on September 4th? Just let everyone know that you were thinking of them on Eat An Extra Dessert Day and with our delicious cookie dough you’re sure to be the MVP of the office!

Have a dessert party on September 4th. Make it a “bring a dessert to share” party! Just make sure everyone know that you’ll be bringing the cookie dough! They’ll love you for the invitation and the extra special treat!

Of course there are so many desserts to choose from on Eat An Extra Dessert Day, but you know you love our Dough Dreamery cookie dough, so why not make that at least one of your desserts on this fun holiday? Heck, why not make it both? Yum!

And always remember what Ernestine Ulmer said, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” We’d add “and second” to that quote!