Do You Celebrate National Peanut Day?

National Peanut Day – a day to celebrate all things Peanut – is on September 13th! We at Dough Dreamery have the perfect suggestion to help you celebrate. Our Peanut Butter Cookie Dough is a delicious addition to any Peanut Day festivities! Or you can get one of our other great flavors of edible cookie dough and top it with chopped peanuts! Yum!

It may sound a little silly to celebrate something like National Peanut Day, but on the other hand, any excuse to celebrate is always welcome here! Especially when you can celebrate with some yummy cookie dough! And yes, we DO offer a gluten free Peanut Butter cookie dough in addition to our regular Peanut Butter Explosion cookie dough!

Peanuts likely first came from South America, approximately 3500 years ago! You may already know this, but peanuts are not actually a nut. They are a legume. We are going to guess that since they crunch a lot like tree nuts, they were named as a nut, but since they are actually an edible seed that forms in a pod (like a pea) they were differentiated from other types of tree nut with “pea” in front! Thus, we have our humble, but yummy peanut!

Obviously you know that in this country we make peanut butter by grinding up peanuts. Some peanut butter makers add other things like salt or sugar or honey or other types of oils, but peanut butter can be made quite nicely by simply grinding peanuts, releasing the peanut’s natural oils, and making a lovely creamy creation that we love to eat with jelly or honey.

Peanuts are good for you, too! Peanuts are high in antioxidants. They also contain such important nutrients as vitamin E, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, B6, iron, selenium, zinc. Did you know that according to some recent studies, when you pair these wonderful creations of nature with other healthy foods that are high in nutrients, peanuts can actually help us to absorb those nutrients better? Yay peanuts! That definitely seems like something to celebrate!

So, don’t be shy, celebrate National Peanut Day along with us at Dough Dreamery in Parker Colorado! Come by and see us for some really delicious Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. Eat in or grab some to go to share the fun with your family and friends!