Create a New Holiday Tradition with Edible Cookie Dough

It’s no doubt that you and your family have many traditions throughout the holiday season. There is trick or treating on Halloween and pumpkin pie and turkey on Thanksgiving. There are traditional foods to eat on Christmas and special “luck” foods for New Year’s Day. And these are all great traditions that have been followed for years and years. But wouldn’t it be nice for you and your family to have your own holiday tradition? Wouldn’t it be fun to start a new one?

At Dough Dreamery, here in Parker Colorado, we have some ideas for you! And of course, they include edible cookie dough!

Make some cookie dough pops and decorate them for a special treat on Halloween. Just roll some of our edible cookie dough into balls, put a popsicle stick in and dip them in white or dark chocolate. For an easy decoration, just roll them in brown and orange sprinkles, or get fancy and make cookie dough pop pumpkins, mummies, ghosts or other Halloween monsters!

Add some Pumpkin Cheesecake flavored raw cookie dough to the dessert menu for your Thanksgiving feast! While everyone loves the traditional desserts for Thanksgiving, wouldn’t it be fun to add a little variety this year? Make it a new tradition for you and your family!

Create a cookie dough sundae bar for your Christmas Eve festivities! Just grab a few different flavors of cookie dough from us and then set them out on a table with all the regular sundae fixings! Chopped nuts, sprinkles, chocolate fudge syrup, marshmallows and maraschino cherries for the top. You could even add some sliced bananas to make banana splits! Go as simple or as fancy as you like! You could even throw in some vanilla ice cream to eat with your cookie dough treat. Your family will have fun making their own cookie dough sundaes and they’re sure to ask for it again and again, each year!

Make a special party dip for your New Year’s Eve or Day celebration. Just mix your favorite flavor of our delicious edible cookie dough with cream cheese or whipped cream and serve on the buffet table along with vanilla wafers, pretzels or even crackers! This is one dessert that will be remembered for years to come.

This year, go ahead and stick with all of your usual traditions (that’s what traditions are for, right?), but add a special treat that you can make a new tradition, with edible raw cookie dough from Dough Dreamery. You’re sure to be appreciated by all of your friends and family this holiday season!