Cookies Are Good, But Why Do We Crave Cookie Dough?

Who doesn’t love cookies? Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Sugar, Cookies ‘n Cream… we’ve all had those moments of just needing to munch on one these cookie flavor favorites! And that’s great. You can always go to your kitchen and whip up a batch of something to satisfy your taste buds. You can even stop somewhere and get some cookies to go!

But sometimes, we find ourselves just wanting to skip the baking and go straight to the source! People just want that unbaked delight, cookie dough, before it becomes cookies.

At Dough Dreamery, we obviously know the craving for cookie dough, and that’s why we opened up our shop in Parker, Colorado. We make it easy for you to satisfy your craving for that delicious creamy goodness! But WHY do we crave it? Why do we sometimes just have to have that cookie dough, straight from the bowl, long before it gets baked?

We thought about the reasons we love uncooked cookie dough, and we took to the internet to see what other people had to say. And we came up with some pretty good answers!

We all know about the dangers of eating raw cookie dough. That is why we created a safe and yummy version using pasteurized eggs and a specially heat treated flour. Our ingredients remove all risk, so you never have to worry about eating our raw cookie dough!

For many of us raw cookie dough is a comfort food. Remember when you were a kid and got to lick the bowl after the cookies were placed on the tray to bake? It’s such a warm memory for so many of us! The great smells in the kitchen and the comforting feeling of being involved in making the yummy treat all culminated in that singular experience when your mom handed you that spoon and bowl to get the last bits of yummy goodness before cleaning up the kitchen. Who wouldn’t crave a reminder of those wonderful moments of childhood?

As we grew up and started making the cookies ourselves when the craving hit, we may have just flat out decided it was easier to just eat the cookie dough without the extra mess and hassle of baking them! We might have found that it was a shortcut to the comfort that we were craving when we went to make the cookies. Eventually we realized that no one was there to tell us not to,  so we indulged in that soft, gooey dough sans cooking. Easy peasy! Rebellion and comfort all wrapped up in one great treat!

But what’s actually the best answer? Cookie dough tastes like happy, of course! 😉