$2 Tuesdays at Dough Dreamery!

$2 Tuesday at Dough Dreamery

☁️💙 $2 TUESDAYS AT DOUGH DREAMERY!!! 💙☁️ At Dough Dreamery we want to remind you how much you love eating cookie dough by encouraging you to come out and enjoy time with friends and family during $2 Tuesday! Every week on Tuesdays during our regular business hours our ‘kid scoops’ of edible cookie dough are…

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Snickerdoodle – The Delicious Cookie With a Funny Name

Do you ever think about where different cookies started, and where they get their crazy names? There’s a great book by Ann Byrn that goes into detail about different cookies and what made them popular, along with other details of interest. It’s called American Cookie. It’s also a cookbook, but the thing that makes it…

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When They Asked If We Had Vegan Cookie Dough….

Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough

We said, “WE DO NOW!” 🙂 Dough Dreamery is proud to announce our newest addition to our cookie dough line up, Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough! Our Vegan Snickerdoodle cookie dough is egg free, dairy free, and DELICIOUS (we know, we taste tested it)! This dough, like our others, is hand-made fresh daily, right here in…

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