6 Delicious Dough Bites – Our NEW Holiday Flavor Sampler!

**NEW!!!** Holiday Flavor Sampler! Two bite sized scoops of each of our three limited edition holiday flavors – white chocolate cranberry bliss, mexican hot chocolate, and peppermint crunch …. YES PLEASE!!!! 💙 Only $5 per pack!⁠ #cookiedoughcolorado #ediblecookiedoughcolorado #holidayflavors #seasonalflavors #holidayspecials #limitededition #like #love #share 👉🏻 @doughdreamery!

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How To Get A FREE Cookie Dough Bite

Cookie Dough Bites

Pssssst! HEY! Want a FREE DOUGH BITE? 😁 For a limited time, you can GET ONE FREE when you visit our store and check-in on Facebook while we scoop your fresh, delicious, hand-made cookie dough order! STOP IN TODAY! 💙🍪 TO QUALIFY for a FREE DOUGH BITE: you must be INSIDE our shop and must show…

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