5 More Delicious Ways to Eat Raw Cookie Dough

Of course, we here at Dough Dreamery, think that eating raw cookie dough, all by itself, right out of the carton is simply the best way to eat it, but if you are looking for some ideas for some fancy desserts or special occasion snacks, we compiled a few more ideas using our edible raw cookie dough. Chocolate Chip may be the most popular dough flavor, but we think you can pick your personal favorite and just go to town!

  1. Edible Cookie Dough Milkshake! Blend up your own personal “Blizzard” type shake using your favorite flavor of ice cream, milk and at the end, mix in some chunks of edible cookie dough to make your own personal, creamy, chunky delight of a milkshake! Just remember to eat it with a spoon, and not a straw. One of our favorite combinations is Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip with French Vanilla ice cream! Yum! You can always save yourself the clean-up and come on in to our shop for a cookie dough milkshake using one our popular flavors.
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Footballs! This one is an easy treat for game day! Shape your raw cookie dough into football shapes and freeze. Then, take some good melting chocolate (like candiquik), heat it up and take your frozen cookie dough footballs and dip them into the chocolate. Use a toothpick or a fork to hold the dough as you are dipping. Let the chocolate cool and harden on a cookie sheet (pop them back in the freezer to cool them more quickly). Then, just paint on some white laces from frosting, and, voila! You’ve got a cute, game day treat to share!
  3. A great big Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Football (use a dip). Instead of the boring old cheese ball, why not shape your cookie dough into the shape of a football for your next game day event? If you mix chocolate chip cookie dough with whipped cream (Cool Whip works great!), you can get it to a good consistency that will hold its shape while still being able to be used as a dip for big pretzels or vanilla wafers!  Once you’ve shaped your dough into a football shape, cover the entire thing with chocolate sprinkles, Oreo Cookie Crumbs or mini chocolate chips, to make it the color of a football. Then, use icing to form the laces on top. Easy dessert dip that looks extra cool for all the raving fans!
  4. Raw Cookie Dough Pizza! Get a frozen pie crust (regular, not pizza – this IS dessert, remember!) and bake it. Once it is cooled, cover the bottom with chocolate ganache or Nutella. Add crushed Oreo crumbs on top of that. Cool in fridge or freezer to set the cookie crumbs into the chocolate. Then, add your favorite flavor of raw cookie dough (we think chocolate chip or peanut butter works well) as the main filling, topping off with a drizzle of chocolate across the top, and sprinkles or min-chocolate chips for decoration! 
  5. Cookie Dough Cannolis! Fill pre-made cannoli shells with your favorite flavor of edible raw cookie dough instead of ricotta cheese! Drizzle some icing or melting chocolate on top to make them look pretty, and there you have it! Delish!

Tell us your favorite way to dress up your favorite flavor of raw cookie dough! We might share it in a future article!